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aiforge_admin 3e1c56e6e7 Merge pull request 'fix issue' (#5861) from zpz_dev into V20240725 1 week ago
.github 更新 '.github/' 1 year ago
assets webIDE 1 year ago
build Support unicode emojis and remove emojify.js (#11032) 4 years ago
cmd 提交代码。 5 months ago
contrib Adding advanced label set. (#11298) 4 years ago
custom 更新配置模板 2 months ago
docker Fix; declare DOMAIN variable for docker setup (#10780) 4 years ago
docs 添加 'docs/持续集成操作指南.md' 10 months ago
entity 提交代码,增加是否体验的属性 3 weeks ago
integrations fix bug 2 years ago
manager/client Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/V20240402' into fix-subscriber 3 months ago
models Merge pull request 'fix-149' (#5848) from fix-149 into V20240710 1 week ago
modules Merge branch 'V20240710' into fix-149 1 week ago
options fix issue 2 weeks ago
public fix issue 1 week ago
routers Merge branch 'V20240710' into fix-149 1 week ago
services fix-5839 个人中心-云脑任务列表筛选评测任务,接口返回500 error 1 week ago
snap Limit snap build architectures (#11346) 4 years ago
templates Merge pull request 'update contributor show' (#5852) from fix-149 into V20240710 1 week ago
vendor update pg error 1 month ago
web_src fix issue 1 week ago
.bra.toml mod vendor via go 1.15 3 years ago
.changelog.yml Changelog 1.11.0 (#10204) (#10211) 4 years ago
.drone.yml Add test for minio store type on attachments 4 years ago
.editorconfig Change tab width for .go files to 4 (#11455) 4 years ago
.eslintrc add eslint for vue 3 years ago
.gitattributes Rename scripts to build and add revive command as a new build tool command (#10942) 4 years ago
.gitignore 忽略配置文件link.js 1 year ago
.golangci.yml Improve push update options (#10105) 4 years ago
.ignore remove promise-polyfill (#9812) 4 years ago
.lgtm refactor: ignore LGTM from author of pull request. (#3283) 6 years ago
.npmrc add package-lock=true in .npmrc (#9736) 4 years ago
.prettierignore fix issue 2 years ago
.prettierrc.json fix issue 2 years ago
.revive.toml refactor: replace lint to revive (#5422) 5 years ago
.stylelintrc Disallow leading zeroes in Less (#10407) 4 years ago
BSDmakefile Add BSDmakefile to prevent errors when `make` is called under FreeBSD (#4446) 6 years ago Frontport Changelog for v1.11.5 (#11356) 4 years ago docs: update 'Testing redux' in (#11386) 4 years ago
DCO follow the advisor: add DCO and some improvements 7 years ago
Dockerfile Add gnupg to Dockerfile (#11365) 4 years ago
LICENSE Fixed LICENSE and our team 2 years ago
MAINTAINERS Update Owners for upcoming year (#9290) 4 years ago
Makefile update Makefile 1 year ago 更新 '' 6 months ago feat: update the raw image 4 years ago
build.go Add gitea-vet (#10948) 4 years ago
go.mod 优化统计时间 6 months ago
go.sum 优化统计时间 6 months ago
go_build_code_gitea_io_gitea ide commit 权限问题 1 year ago
main.go Fix db null exception while start cron job 3 years ago
package-lock.json add package 1 month ago
package.json add package 1 month ago
semantic.json fix issue 2 years ago
tsconfig.json fix issue 2 years ago
webpack.config.js fix issue 1 year ago
webpack_pro.config.js update webpack config 1 year ago
yarn.lock fix issue 2 weeks ago


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