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OpenI AI Development Cooperation Platform

The one-stop collaborative development environment for AI field provides AI development pipeline integrating code development, data management, model debugging, reasoning and evaluation

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China Computing NET(C²NET)

Extensive access to intelligent computing centers, supercomputing centers and big data centers across the country to provide users with free computing resources.

Collaborative Development Environment

Provide a collaborative development environment for AI development, which is the biggest highlight that distinguishes the OpenI AI Collaboration Platform from other traditional Git platforms.

Unified Management of Development Elements

The platform provides four elements of AI development: unified management of model code, data set, model and execution environment.

Data Collaboration and Sharing

By uploading data sets in the project, many project members cooperate to complete data preprocessing. You can also establish a better model with community developers by setting the data as a public dataset.

Model Management and Sharing

Associate the model with the code version, you can adjust the model in different ways based on the historical version of the code and save the results. The trained model can be open and shared, so that more people can use the model to test and give feedback.

Once Configuration, Multiple Reuse

Provide execution environment sharing, Once Configuration, Multiple Reuse. Lower the threshold of model development, and avoid spending repetitive time configuring complex environments.

OpenI AI Collaboration Platform

OpenI AI collaboration platform has cooperated with Pengcheng cloud brain and China computing power network (C²NET) can be used to complete AI development tasks by using the rich computing resources of Pengcheng cloud brain and China computing network.
Pengcheng CloudBrain's existing AI computing power is 100p FLOPS@FP16 (billions of half precision floating-point calculations per second), the main hardware infrastructure consists of GPU servers equipped with NVIDIA Tesla V100 and A100, and Atlas 900 AI clusters equipped with Kunpeng and shengteng processors.
China computing power network (C²NET) phase I can realize high-speed network interconnection between different artificial intelligence computing centers, and realize reasonable scheduling of computing power and flexible allocation of resources. At present, 11 intelligent computing centers have been connected, and the total scale of computing power is 1924p OPS@FP16. OpenI AI collaboration platform has been connected to Pengcheng Cloud Computing Institute, Chengdu Intelligent Computing Center, Zhongyuan Intelligent Computing Center, Hefei brain and other nodes.
Developers can freely select the corresponding computing resources according to the use needs, and can test the adaptability, performance, stability, etc. of the model in different hardware environments.
If your model requires more computing resources, you can also apply for it separately.

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