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Megvii Engine Team 485e56ca11 fix(lite): fix lite get model io info name error 1 day ago
.github feat(ci): cancel previous workflow 2 weeks ago
ci feat(opr): add masked_fill op 1 month ago
cmake fix(mgb/build): fix trt8 build error 5 months ago
dnn feat(fallback): add fp16 mk8 8x8 matmul 14 hours ago
imperative feat(imperative/data): add concat dataset 20 hours ago
lite fix(lite): fix lite get model io info name error 14 hours ago
scripts fix(debug): format gdb script 1 month ago
sdk chore(license): remove all license in file header 8 months ago
src fix(opr): remove USABLE_DEPEND_ON_SHAPE algo 2 days ago
test feat(dnn): add elemwise modes 2 months ago
third_party feat(ci): update submodules 2 weeks ago
toolchains feat(dnn): add some fallback gi fp16 intrinsic 1 day ago
tools style(mgb/tools): add format for tools, dnn and ci 5 months ago
.clang-format style(dnn): add bypass of clang-format for dnn foreach_opr macro 1 year ago
.gdbinit feat(dispatch): add gdb debug utils 1 year ago
.gitattributes fix(lite): fix lite zero copy 2 months ago
.gitignore chroe(.gitignore): add more ignore rules for git 2 years ago
.gitmodules feat(mge/third_party): add cudnn-frontend 7 months ago
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS feat(lite): add header licence 1 year ago
CMakeLists.txt fix(opencl): misc fix 4 weeks ago fix typos 1 year ago MegEngine: Initial commit of MegEngine. 2 years ago
LICENSE chore(mge): update copyright years 2 years ago docs(readme): update python version 1 month ago docs(readme): update python version 1 month ago
commitlint.config.js ci(copybara): add config files and fix format script 1 year ago
logo.png fix(mge): update readme 8 months ago
logo.svg fix(mge): update readme 4 months ago