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  chaoming 85b0ee32f2 update setup.py 6 months ago
  chaoming 39759fbf5e update setup.py 7 months ago
  Brandon Zhang abab586fa2 Update setup.py 7 months ago
  chaoming 1bef682362 update setup.py, rename brain-py to brainpy 7 months ago
  chaoming 100004ead2 update requirements 8 months ago
  chaoming 174968524e update python version 8 months ago
  chaoming 07c2becbbd fix matplotlib dependency on "brainpy.analysis" module 8 months ago
  chaoming 6c0a6e4c11 update setupy 8 months ago
  chaoming a01e635052 remove matplotlib requirements, move all visualization APIs into `brainpy.visualize` object 9 months ago
  chaoming 1cdd4c0ddd update requirements 11 months ago
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  chaoming 5c16d7da69 update dependencies 11 months ago
  chaoming 557e2b8d66 small changes 11 months ago
  chaoming 4607344e87 adapt brainpy.analysis to jax backend 1 year ago
  chaoming 574570b8e9 start BrainPy 2.0 1 year ago
  chaoming deb8c2fec3 fix requirements 1 year ago
  chaoming 07cb36ec61 move tests into 'brainpy' 1 year ago
  chaoming c949784041 update codes and APIs 1 year ago
  chaoming db91d13755 update README 1 year ago
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  chaoming 49b1b23922 update README and tests 1 year ago
  chaoming ad29e883fd rename the package 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang e648058f2e Newly organized structure for neurodynamic simulation 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 3a1c1aac72 fix setup.py 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang fb6d136abc All tests passed 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang e90df85bce Update doc 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 7d8a88fc61 Update backend operations 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 978bf80eaf Update docs 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 15f5d85b13 New design release with v1.0.0-rc1 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 5f3a0c61bc Update docs 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang d812d93b5f update docs 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 8d1c02968e Improve dynamics analysis 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 52436e96fa Improve Bifurcation and PhasePlane analysis 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 219c1b13c2 Add 'timeout' in sympy solver; add 2d root finding 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang f4640ec589 Update installation 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 0fadb31ddc Fix bug of numpy import 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang a1d0d9c847 Delete "brainpy.numpy" module 1 year ago
  Chaoming Wang 41dea04302 Delete "backend" profile setting, add "jit"; Delete the format code prefix; 1 year ago
  chaoming d1b09a39c0 rename and reimport 2 years ago
  Chaoming Wang dd4546defa Add more dynamics analysis examples 2 years ago
  chaoming 1d7780a091 Update 2 years ago
  chaoming cc574c199e Update 2 years ago
  chaoming 722a2ce17e Update python requirement from 3.5+ to 3.7+ 2 years ago
  chaoming 337e375b2e Split code generation part to "Runner" class 2 years ago
  chaoming 3545a1b6fd New version 2 years ago
  chaoming 164f07ddf6 Rename "npbrain" to "brainpy" 2 years ago
  chaoming da226619be Format codes 2 years ago